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Chandler Elementary School is located at the southeastern corner of the intersection of Jacyee and Washington Streets in Chandler, Indiana. The school serves close to 600 students in grades K-5.

Our student population is diverse with programs for General Education Students, Developmental Kindergarten, LifeLogo Skills, and 3rd - 5th grade Excel in place to meet the individual needs of all of our students. Students with special needs are placed in their least restrictive environment. Special services are provided as needed by resource teachers, speech pathologists, school psychologist, and home-school advisor.

The staff at Chandler Elementary is a team of people who share a common vision of our school's future, as well as a common sense of purpose. We believe that all children have the ability to learn. The staff works cooperatively with the home, school, and community to provide a learning environment which instills a desire for knowledge and provides the skills necessary for student success in and outside of the classroom.

Chandler Elementary School values the integration of technology into the daily curriculum with all classrooms having Chromebooks, LCD projectors and internet capabilities. Staff also has access to E-Instruction clickers, a self-contained computer lab, and document cameras. The safety of Chandler students is promoted and protected by a security camera system.

A friendly and caring atmosphere characterizes the building. Students and staff take learning seriously and strive for excellence daily. Standards and curriculum align with the Indiana Academic Standards and school curriculum goals to ensure continuous progression and mastery of basic skills. Chandler Elementary School parents are very active in PTO and school activities.

The strength of Chandler Elementary School emanates from the shared leadership and vision among administration, faculty, and staff. Decisions are made with the success of students in mind. The school phone number is 812-925-6021.

Chandler Elementary School is eager to serve the needs of its students and the community well into the future.

We are proud to be a Warrick County Elementary School!